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  • 2015/12/29
    Among more than 600 cities across China, nearly half of them suffer from water shortage. Take Beijing for example, the city relies heavily on water diverted through the South-North Water Diversion Project - 70 percent of the water pumped into the city comes from the Yangtze River.To cope with water ...
  • 2011/09/25
    According to the Planning of Sichuan Province on the Construction of Comprehensive Transport for the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period, during this period, Sichuan will invest 845.3 billion yuan to build 11 railway lines and 18 highways into and out of Sichuan. This will basically transform the province...
  • 2007/03/12
    China is pumping billions of dollars into renewable energy; solar, wind, hydro and biomass power are all viable alternatives to oil and gas.By 2020, China plans to generate 20 percent of its power from renewable sources, excluding large hydropower.China EnerSave recycles waste for incineration in th...
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